Resource Page

This page presents ideas for additional reading. The following list contains materials that we have purchased or read ourselves. Links are provided.

*Impromptu Speaking: Split Second Thinking

Author Zac Flowerree is a NCFCA National Champion in Impromptu Speaking. An easy read with excellent content.

Extemporaneous Speaking: Keys to Extemp

Author Cody Herche is a NCFCA National Champion in Extemporaneous Speaking.

Apologetics: Silver Book Package

The entire package is expensive, but valuable. The Grudem and Little books can be purchased separately from this and other vendors.

Interpretive  and Platform Speaking: As I Was Saying

Author Thane Rehn is one of the original competitors in NCFCA. This book actually addresses all three speech disciplines--Limited Preparation, Interpretive and Platform Speaking.

Team Policy Debate: Strategic Debate

Required reading for new families participating in CONTROL Debate.


Sourcebooks can be a good way for debaters to begin their research. They provide prepared evidence ready to use in a debate round. They are all a reasonable place to start your own research, learn about the topic and generate ideas for your own case construction.

Thesis is produced by CONTROL's own Stephen Roe in partnership with Paradigm alumnus James Wilson.

Dominate LD is a Lincoln-Douglas sourcebook produced by CONTROL's Jon Chi Lou along with veteran Lincoln-Douglas debater Joe Laughon.

Speech Supplies is a Christian organization originated by a homeschooling father that produces source material for both Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas debate and speech. They produce the Blue Book (Team Policy), Red Book (Lincoln Douglas), Gold Book (Extemporaneous Speaking) and Silver Book (Apologetics).

QuickStart is produced by team members from CLASH debate. Last year's edition was well received.

Ethos is the largest of all sourcebooks. This does not necessarily mean it is the best, as some find that the size makes it more difficult to use.

*Note: Impromptu is no longer a regular speech event, but will be at NITOC during rounds for participants that did not break. Local tournaments may still offer Impromptu and the results can still be uploaded to Speechranks.  Click HERE to see the STOA web page info.